Whenever we think of a wedding, along with the dress, the flowers and the overwhelming excitement, the most important part of the day is always front of mind; the exchanging of the vows. It’s the moment that the couple have been waiting months – perhaps years – for; the moment they turn to their loved one and pledge to love and cherish each other forever.

So what will your vows read; will you write your own or recite the traditional vows that we’ve all come to recognise? Whatever the words, it’s the feeling behind them that we love, that two people are promising to love each other until death do they part, is a beautiful moment. The symbol of the commitment promised, is of course, the wedding ring.

Whether that ring is dazzling with diamonds, plain, two toned metals or engraved with patterns; we’ve got some beautiful rings to suit everyone’s taste. Buying a ring you will wear everyday for the rest of your life means you need to get one you love, so we’re here to discuss your options and make sure that you are aware of all types of rings before you choose your forever ring.

Handmade in our London refinery, we take special care with each and every ring; refining our own metals we can make sure they’re pure and of the highest quality. Our designers are always sketching new ideas for wedding ring ranges for our craftsmen to hand craft to make every single ring that bit more exceptional. From the initial ideas of a ring, to the materials used and then our handcrafting of each ring, it really makes them more personal and special.


If you’re a fan of the phrase, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ then our range of diamond cut rings are for you. Amour springs to mind when we think diamonds – 60% of this ring is set with pave diamonds that will sparkle as you say your vows and York is set with princess cut diamonds which cover 60% of the ring. Both compliment a glittering engagement ring – after all, you can never have too many diamonds!


Stand out with a patterned ring! Our state of the art laser can engrave intricate designs onto every precious metal to create beautiful designs that will ensure your ring stands out. These rings can be made bespoke to your own design – whether that’s to include quotes, names, dates or patterns that mean a lot to you. This Roman numerals ring can mark the special date you spoke your vows so you can remember it forever and our Castle ring features a full band of elephants. We love the elephants as they famously ‘never forget’ – remember your love story and memories with this detailed ring.


There’s a deep symbolism with celtic wedding bands as they’ve been around for centuries to symbolise love and commitment. The ring itself, circular with no breaks, has been symbolic since ancient times to represent eternal love and devotion. The meanings of celtic rings, from the patterns showing the forces of energy working together to suggest the ease and flow in a relationship. Rope patterns connect to create a common circle which symbolises how two sources of energy work together to combine and achieve a common purpose. The legends and stories surrounding celtic bands are wonderful and they create traditional bands which have so much meaning behind them.

Plain bands

We’ve discussed patterned, celtic and diamond set wedding bands, but perhaps you want to keep it simple – or perhaps you want a plain band which will best compliment your engagement ring. In a range of metals, our plain bands make no less of a statement as the other rings and can even be made using two tone metals like our Grace ring which has two complimenting metals to create a timeless piece. Or Carlyle, with it’s matt hammered effect a fashionable twist on adding texture to jewellery.

What type of wedding ring would you pick? We know you’re exchanging vows that will begin a long life together and so throughout all the adventures we ensure your Baird Mint Collection ring lasts a lifetime, as a physical memory of your wedding and the joy celebrated on that day.