We’ve been looking through our Collection this week and enjoying our variety of wedding rings; stocked in jewellers around the United Kingdom. It occurred to us that perhaps on our blog, alongside our expert tips and tricks on everything wedding related (did you see our latest blog on our definitive guide to hand writing your wedding vows?) you might also enjoy seeing our entire Collection in a little more detail.

Diamond set rings

There’s something special about diamonds isn’t there? The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed diamonds were fragments of falling stars and it’s not hard to see why. With beauty parallel to those of the stars, how else could they be so captivating! Additional to diamond pave half bands of diamonds, we have lots of diamond set wedding bands which include different amounts of diamonds. From a central diamond just like the Carlton Ring to three diamonds and beyond, there’s such an array to choose from to suit your style. For both men’s and women’s rings, the diamond can elevate a ring to something just a little bit more special.


Plain wedding bands

Classic plain wedding bands are a popular choice for both men and women. The plain bands compliment an engagement ring and allow it to stand out but are no less stunning in their simplicity. Within our plain wedding bands, there’s still lots of decisions to make. What’s your desired metal? Also, there’s different shapes; Court, D Shape, Flat and Flat Court. All are different how they sit against your finger with a curve on the inside, outside or fit flat, which you prefer is completely dependent on personal preference. Metals wise, will you match the metal of your engagement ring or go for a mix of metals? There’s also the consideration of lifestyle as some metals are harder than others; gold for instance is a metal that will mark and bend easier than a harder metal such as platinum. If you’ve got a physical job or love lifting weights in the gym for example, then a gold band might wear easier and therefore not be such a viable option for you in terms of it being a ring you’ll wear day in, day out for lifetime.


Using state of the art machinery, our detailed laser rings all hold stunning patterns that are truly unique. Adding a little more flair, the laser patters are intricate; from the flowery Kew pattern to the flowing lines on the Aubrey. These rings will truly start apart from the crowd and, with everything we do, there’s meaning behind them; take the Charlotte design, the name a nod to the webbed design, the naturalistic inspiration here shows strength and unity. The Castle ring with a herd of Elephants walking round the band. The Elephant has one of the longest memories within the animal kingdom, giving a beautiful parallel to the memories within your relationship; both those that you’ve already made and those you will create in your adventures together in your marriage.

Diamond Cut

All completely different but all uniquely beautiful, there’s something in our diamond cut category for everyone. This is such a varied category, from the Boyne ring with vertical fine metallic lines offset with a concave groove, it’s so eye catching and different to the Cromwell with a diagonal twisting pattern around the band with scalloped edges. There’s the option within this category too for mixing metals within the same ring but remember that most of our rings can be made in a variety of precious metals including; platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, silver and palladium.


We wish we could show you every wedding ring on this blog and the featured details, but make sure you have a look through the entire collection. With stockists around the United Kingdom, we’re sure you can find one near you, where one of our brand ambassadors will be excited to help you find your dream ring!