A symbol of everlasting affection, the eternity ring is often given as a present on an important anniversary, life event or birthday by your partner. Often a full or half band of diamonds, it’s a beautiful gift that holds so much meaning. Whether the ring is bought a year after the wedding or many years, it’s a ring that will be treasured for life as it symbolises your eternal love and commitment. Eternity rings are gifts often are bought for partners following big life events such as the birth of a child as a symbol of your everlasting devotion.

The finger that eternity rings are worn on is up to you, stack it with your wedding and engagement rings or wear them alone on your right hand on whichever finger you feel comfortable – there’s really no right or wrong answer!

We have a range of eternity rings – both those that are just diamonds and some that also have metal around the outside.



The amour ring is set with sixteen 2pt round diamonds which cover 60% of the band. We have the band in various precious metals including yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium, so if you want to match your wedding and engagement bands or mix metals, you can play around with this.


Just like the Amour ring, the York is channel set. The channel setting means the diamonds sit nestled within the channel of precious metal – the metal providing a straight edge between the wedding and engagement ring if the eternity ring will be worn on the same finger, gives a structure and definition between the rings. The York’s band is made with 60% diamonds and these are 3.5pt princess cut diamonds. A princess cut diamond is actually the second most popular cut for diamonds; from the top down it looks like a square or rectangle diamond and from the side profile appears to be the shape of an inverted pyramid. This cut of diamond was created in the 1960s and allows the light to dazzle through the diamond to give the optimum sparkle.

The York, just like the Amour ring is available in a range of precious metals.


As with all jewellery, it’s all about your personal taste, so although we do hear of eternity rings traditionally being a full band of diamonds, there’s no reason your eternity ring couldn’t be something a little different. The meaning behind a eternity ring remains the same that it’s a full band that represents your eternal love, so maybe you could go with a ring such as our Jubilee ring – with thirty pave set diamonds set around the entire band with the precious metal of your choice on either sides of the diamonds. The thirty diamonds will make your loved one feel special so whatever the occasion; special anniversary, event or just to remind them that you will love them forever, the Jubilee ring is prefect.


Our handmade wedding and eternity rings are crafted by expert craftsmen who work to create beautiful pieces which fulfill the purpose of making the wearer feel that little bit more special. Every time they look down at their ring, they will be reminded not only how stunning the piece is but also the meaning behind it.

Make sure to have a look at our entire collection to find your perfect eternity ring.