The phrase, ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’ was made famous by Marilyn Monroe in 1953 and has become an iconic phrase ever since. Diamonds just feel special don’t they? There’s something captivating about looking at a sparkly diamond glinting at you in the light that’s not really replicated in many stones. So why not add some of this beauty into the most important ring of your life? Of course, we love traditional plain wedding bands and our laser cut have an intricate beauty to them, but in this blog we’re talking about diamonds, so take a look at our diamond set rings – from a half band of diamonds to a feature diamond, we have lots of different options.

Discovered around 2500BC, diamonds have captivated us throughout history and we love to learn how different societies and cultures have seen diamonds and how they believed them to be created. Diamonds have been precious to mankind from early times, when there wasn’t the knowledge of how to cut them to reveal their true beauty, but even rough diamonds were seen as magic.

To the Egyptians, the diamonds represented the sun and were placed in the ankh’s of the Pharoahs. The ankh was a symbol of a cross with a loop at the top which represented the hieroglyph meaning life. The Egyptians are famous for their worship of earthly and cosmic aspects and so to them, the sun represented truth, power and courage – the diamond was a diamond of this symbol of power.

In Ancient India, the Hindus believed diamonds were formed when a bolt of lightening struck a rock. The famous Koh-I-Noor diamond is rumored to have been a gift from the Indian Deity Krishna to his love Radha. The 186ct Brilliant Cut diamond was discovered in the 13th century and was given to Radha to reflect her beauty in the moonlight. The purity and brilliance of the diamond was enough to convince the Ancient Indians that the diamonds were a symbol of clarity and invincibility; the famous phrase they used, “he who wears a diamond will see danger turn away.” According to legend, the Persian conqueror Nadir Shah took the diamond when he took Delhi. He gave the diamond it’s name and it was later given to Queen Victoria in 1850. Two years later, it was cut under instructions from Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert into the Round Brilliant diamond it is today and has since been used in the crowns of various King and Queens of England – now being housed on display in the Tower of London. From India and it’s initial love story to London and it’s role shining in crowns of our Monarchy, it’s an amazing story of how a diamond can last and be so captivating throughout history to so many cultures.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans also had their own beliefs about diamonds. It was the thought that they were the tears of the gods, or fragments of falling stars. We personally love the imagery this creates, a little piece of the cosmic stardust placed delicately on your finger to represent your once in a lifetime love. What kind of diamond wedding band would you favour? From our Amour pave set diamond ring with sixteen diamonds around the band, to Elm, with a single diamond set in a brushed finished band. Take a look at our whole range of diamond set rings before you decide!