Picking your wedding ring is such an exciting process; settling down in a jewellers with your fiancée to purchase your ring that you’ll wear your entire love story is an experience you’ll remember. With over 50 years in the industry, we have a tip or two when it comes to finding your dream wedding ring, that we thought we’d share.

An open mind:

Whilst, of course, you’ve probably dreamed up every aspect of your dream wedding day in your head and know what you want – ideas which have been reinforced by Pinterest boards over the years, it’s important to keep an open mind. When you’re shopping for your ring, you might realise that you’ve been so focused on what you thought was your dream ring that you’ve not looked at anything else. Whilst you might soon be convinced that yes, it is you’re ultimate wedding ring, you might also see that there’s so many other rings out there that are also a beautiful ring that perhaps you might prefer. It doesn’t hurt to try something different, so try different metals, diamond sets and cuts – even if you rule them out, it’s so fun to try them on!


The brand of your wedding ring is important. The ring you’re purchasing is a lifelong ring that you’ll wear day in and day out; you need it to be a ring that will last a lifetime. We’ve been handcrafting rings in our London refinery for over 50 years and all our metals are incredibly high quality; looking after the whole process of a ring being created from design to placing it in the box for you, we know that it’s of the highest quality and has been lovingly hand created from our artisan jewellery maker.

The style and shape

Will you match your wedding ring with your engagement ring? Dazzle with a diamond wedding band to match a diamond engagement ring or go plain to let the engagement ring speak for itself. These two rings will sit next to each other on your finger for the rest of your life so it’s definitely a consideration when you’re making your decision. Will you mix your metals like the Duchess of Cambridge or match the metal of your engagement ring? There’s no right answer and once you’ve started trying them on with your fiance, you’ll soon know the style and metal you prefer. Remember that different metals for your wedding ring have different qualities; yellow gold is a traditional metal for wedding rings, consider 18ct, 14ct or 8ct gold as 22ct gold is too soft as an everyday wedding ring. The lower cts are combined with stronger metals to ensure they’re more durable for everyday wear which of course you want for a lifelong ring. White gold and platinum are both popular metals to choose from and platinum in particular is tough and stands up to everyday wear so is one you should consider if you want a more silvery metal.

Shape wise, even if you want a plain wedding band, there’s still considerations to make on the profile of the ring; do you want a court, flat or D-shape ring? Each make a difference to how the ring sits on your finger and again, it’s a personal preference to the wearer as to which they prefer. A court is rounded on both the inside and outside of the ring, a flat profile which are flat rectangular and a D-shape which is flat on the inside against your finger with a curved outside.

Your job 

The job you do will also determine the metal your ring requires. If you’re doing a more manual job, you’ll need a tougher wearing metal for your wedding ring if you’ll keep it on at work. The everyday activities you do will also play a part – if they’re physical sports for instance, you might also want a more durable metal such as platinum or palladium.


Also to consider is if you want to match with your partner? Unless it’s really important to you and your fiancée to match or have really similar styles, it might not be something you want to do as jewellery is such a personal item to wear. The fact you will wear it everyday means you need to love it and if you’re compromising on the style just to match, then you both might love what it represents but not the ring itself. Remember that the wedding ring is a physical symbol of your love and buy a ring you wish to represent your vows and promises; whether it does or doesn’t match your new husband or wife’s ring won’t matter so much once it holds so much promise and excitement for the future.


Whilst we know that the wedding day is an incredibly expensive day for many couples, it’s important to budget in your wedding rings. The wedding rings are something you’ll wear for a lifetime, so it’s best to stretch the budget a little further here and save elsewhere just so you can get the best quality ring available. The little splurges elsewhere in the budget can be cut back to make more room for investment rings; as well as photographs, they’ll be the lasting representation from your wedding.


We’ve got some beautiful diamond wedding rings for women and for men. The men’s rings with a slightly bigger and heavier and look handsome with a diamond or two set into the ring. We’ve got a whole collection of stunning men’s diamond  set wedding rings; a ring such as the Kensal for example, incorporates a chunky brush finished ring with eight grooves in which one is set with a princess cut diamond. The diamond really adds something to the ring and makes it that slight bit more special!


These are our main tips to consider when you’re looking to buy your wedding rings. Traditional to purchase the wedding ring with your fiancée, our top tip is to have fun! The whole wedding planning process will be over before you know it and you’ll be at the end of the alter promising a life together, so enjoy the building excitement. The wedding rings are perhaps the most significant purchases for the whole ceremony so take your time, have a glass of champagne and try on as many as you can to find your dream ring!

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